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Harden roadworthy car service Harden Bearings & Hardware provides roadworthy inspections for your car, including Pink Slips.

It's easy to organise a roadworthy certificate with Harden Bearings & Hardware - simply call us now or book a RWC check online!


Do I need a RWC for my car?

You must have your vehicle inspected to get a Roadworthy Certificate if:
• registration renewal notice tells you that an inspection is required
• you want to renew the registration on your car that is more than 5 years old
• you want to register a heavy car
Answering 'Yes' to any of the points means your vehicle needs to be inspected.

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What is a Pink Slip?

The Pink Slip is Road Worthy Inspection you need to renew your registration or obtaining new registration in cases where the car has been unregistered for less than 90 days. The Pink Slip is also called an E-Safety Inspection and is valid for 42 days.

The Green Slip is Compulsory Third Person Insurance for the vehicle, renewed together with Rego.

The Rego is your car Registration, purchased for 6-12 months at various RMS outlets and renewable after expiration.


How to get a Pink Slip?

Obtaining a Pink Slip Roadworthy Inspection is straightforward - simply call Harden Bearings & Hardware or book a car service online! We will inspect your car, assess the eligibility of your vehicle for a Roadworthy certificate and help you get the RWC!

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